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FOG v.2

[26 Sep 2012] FoG V2 Release News

From JD McNeil.
Firstly I would like to thank you all for your patience and for the valuable feedback since we originally announced our plans for the v2 release.

Well we did listen, the bad news is that this significantly impacted on our planned release date, but the good news we hope is that the forthcoming release will be for iPad, PC, MAC, and a fully printed POD version as per version1. Costing, coordinating and placing all of this in production and layout etc has taken some time and the last step in this fully coordinated release is our submission to Apple for permission to proceed on iPad. WE believe that all versions should be available at the same time.

We will also be releasing this initially with Rise of Rome. Our plan if this proves popular will be to release all of the army lists in this way. THe great benefit Of releasing on these mediums is that it will now be possible to not only iterate the rules and lists as needed, but to alter and balance points values in the lists, thus removing restrictions to changes that were simply not possible without points vales changes.

A control issue will of course need to be the frequency of changes, but we see this as being driven by you, as and when you feel such changes are necessary and beneficial.

Revolution we promised and revolution it is. We believe that this is the way forward for all table top wargaming rules and the Greater enjoyment, interest and engagement for all our players, so watch this space, time will tell :-), but you heard it here first

Regards JDM

I cannot yet say the exact date in October that we will release, this is subject to the Apple approval but it is imminent

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