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by IainMcNeil » 11 Oct 2012 10:14

Hi guys,

the good news is the digital version of Field of Glory 2.0 rules are coming next Thursday the 18th October. We will be releasing it at Speil in Essen.

For more information you can look at the product pages but you probably know all there is to know already!

The version 2.0 digital Rule book will be releasing at $14.99/£10.49/€11.99.

We will also be releasing a digital version of Rise of Rome. This will be $9.99/£6.99/€7.99. This will be the same as the current version available as a book. Please note - we are talking about the digital books not the PC/Mac game (which is going to be early next year)!

We plan to update the rules and army books over time. We will try and keep these updates free for as long as possible but if we move to version 3.0 at some point we may need to charge for those kind of updates.

If you have been following the long and sorry saga you'll know the Print versions have been a complete nightmare. The layout for print and digital is completely different and nothing can be shared. We have a team working on it but we still don't know how long it will take to complete the layout, get print proofs, make adjustments and get final stock to the warehouses. Rather than hold back the digital release any longer we have decided to get this out there and follow as soon as possible with the print copies. We plan to release the print copies in November but when in November depends on how things pan out.

Thanks for you patience and support and we hope you enjoy version 2.0!

Maybe we'll even see some of you in Essen!

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