Modern Spearhead Tournament

Six-Day War 1967 - Tournament
An Introduction to the Modern Spearhead Wargaming Rules

Year:                  1967
Theaters:            Sinai Peninsula, Gaza Strip, Golan Heights, West Bank
Nationalities:       Israelis, Egyptians, Jordanians and Syrians

The Campaign is going to run according to the Modern Spearhead Scenario Generation System (SGS). All of the advance rules are not in use for this tournament. Some special rules for the specific war are given below:

THE BATTLEFIELD (according to SGS):

1.        Sinai Peninsula and Gaza Strip:               Only Desert terrain.
2.    Golan Heights:                                        No Desert, Woods and Jungle, Water features.
3.    West Bank:                                             No Desert and Jungle.

SPECIAL RULES (historical strategic situation):

Ø All Arabic Armies may purchase Aircrafts in double instead of their normal cost.
Ø Syrians PzIVs may only present in Hull Down positions and they cannot move.


Ø Encounters battles only.
Ø 550 points lists for each side.
Ø Players may change their lists after every battle as they wish.
Ø Battles with more than one opponent for each side permitted.
Ø The National Characteristics of the Armies must be as following:
o   Israel:               NATO 1 or NATO 2      (not both)
o   Syria & Egypt:   WARPAC 2                  (no veterans)
o   Jordan:             NATO 2

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